How To Weigh Luggage

Trying to figure out how to weigh luggage? Don't have a fancy luggage scale? Hyperventilating because your flight takes off in an hour and you don't know if you'll have to pay extra for those iron bars you tossed in your suitcase? No need to fret, you can weigh your luggage with very little time or effort!

To weigh luggage, you will need:

  • A standard bathroom scale
  • Luggage
  • Strength (enough to lift your luggage)
  • Paper and Pencil (optional)
  1. Preparation. Set your scale on a hard surface with at least a few feet clearance in all directions. Carpeting will give very skewed results, and if you accidentally lean against a wall, your luggage will read much lighter than it really is!
  2. Weigh yourself. No, this isn't to check to see if it's time for a diet! Write down your weight, or stick it in your memory for future use.
  3. Power lifting. Pick up your luggage (remember to lift from the legs, not from the back) and reweigh yourself while you are holding the luggage. Remember, you can't rest the luggage against the wall or on any other object! Again, write down or remember this number.
  4. Brain power. Subtract the first number from the second number, and you'll have the weight of your luggage! Now you can start worrying about what you can take out, or if you're lucky, what to add!
  5. Repetition. If you have time, be sure to weigh your bag a few different times. Sometimes you'll get different values just from balance problems or mistakes in reading the scale. Double check your work, and don't be caught off guard at the airport!
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