How To Wet Shave

If you're tired of the stubble left behind by your electric shaver, it's time you learned to how to wet shave. A wet shave is just what it sounds like: shaving with a razor using water and shaving foam or soap for lubrication. A razor allows a much closer shave than an electric shaver, which means less stubble and less "five o'clock shadow." So if you're ready to get a really close shave, get ready to learn how to wet shave.

What You Need:

  • safety razor
  • soap or shaving cream
  • shaving brush
  • hot water


  1. Prepare the skin. The best time to shave is in or after a shower, as the hot water will open your pores and make your beard softer. Remember seeing the barber put steamy hot towels on his customer's face? Same idea. If you aren't able to shower, at least apply hot water to your face for a few moments before starting to shave.
  2. Apply shaving foam. While you can apply shaving cream or soap to the face with your hands, using a shaving brush will help you get a creamier and foamier application. Soap can be used as lubrication in a pinch, but tends to dry the skin. Use a circular motion to apply the foam, going against the growth of the beard to work up a rich lather.
  3. Use a safety razor to remove the beard. You should always shave in the same direction as your hair growth. While shaving, use as little pressure as possible; let the razor glide over the skin rather than scrape it. A pivoting head razor is more forgiving than a fixed head, causing less chance of nicks.
  4. After shaving skin care. Rinse your face well with cool water to help close up the pores and tighten the skin. Dry well, and then apply an after shave lotion or moisturizer of your choice.


Keep a styptic pencil handy to stop bleeding in case of nicks or cuts.

If you have trouble with ingrown hair bumps, don't use double or triple blades; they can exacerbate the problem by cutting the hair too short.

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