How To Wheelie On A Snowboard

Learning how to wheelie on a snowboard is a neat trick to pull off anywhere. A wheelie is a simple enough trick requiring mostly leg strength and balance and is a perfect trick for the beginning snowboarder to learn. Learning to do a wheelie on a snowboard will open the door for several other tricks. Like any other trick however, the wheelie requires a level of skill and is not for everyone. Learn the basics of safe and proper snowboarding before attempting any tricks. Once you're ready to begin, know that doing a wheelie on a snowboard is a fun trick and easy to learn.

To perform a wheelie on a snowboard, you will need:

  • A snowboard
  • All your gear
  • Downhill slopes
  • A safe location
  1. Begin by heading downhill. Allow yourself to pick up some speed. When you reach a comfortable level, bend your back leg and lean back. Slowly, lean further back until most of your weight is on your back leg.
  2. As you are leaning back the nose of the snowboard should be elevated. Give a little hop to place the bearing weight on the tail of the snowboard. Pull your front leg up more to raise the nose further off the powder.
  3. You may have to attempt this several times until you find your balance. There should be a center of gravity where the heel is planted and the nose is in the air and you are balanced.

That’s the trick, a wheelie on a snowboard. Simple, but again, it requires practice and a full understanding of the basics and safety features of proper snowboarding.

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