How To Whip A Motocross Bike

Do you want to learn how to whip a motocross bike? If you are an avid motocross enthusiast then you have seen motocross rider whip the bike when they are in mid-jump. Although this is not practical if riding in a competition, it is a fancy move and you will surely impress anyone watching you perform. You learn how to perform this trick yourself while you are riding by following these steps.

To whip a motocross bike, you will need:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Motocross bike
  • Sand dune or similar terrain
  1. Equip your helmet and gloves. Always wear proper riding attire when riding your motocross bike. If possible, wear a full motocross suit to protect you in the case of an accident.
  2. Scout out the perfect dune to jump. Look for a jump that has a very steep incline to give you apt air when you jump.
  3. Practice riding over the jump without performing a whip. This can help familiarize yourself with the jump so that your body knows what to expect.
  4. Head towards the left side of the dune when you are prepared to attempt the whip. Give the bike sufficient throttle to get enough air to perform the whip.
  5. Lean forward just slightly while you approach the dune. Ease of the throttle when you hit the dune and then give the bike full throttle as you peak the dune.
  6. Aim your shoulders and head to the right and turn the handlebars, effectively performing the whip. Straighten up quickly after you perform the whip.
  7. Spin your head and shoulders back straight. Give the bike full throttle just before you land. This straightens up the machine with a gyroscopic effect and causes the rear end to straighten back up. Land the motocross bike and apply the brakes to stop.

Tip: Do not force the whip, but let your body angle do the work. The bike will follow your angle.

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