How To Whip A Mountain Bike

Learning how to whip on a mountain bike is one of the first fundamental jump tricks you can learn. A whip on a mountain bike is an easy trick performed straight off the ground or off a ramp. Learning the proper technique for whipping on a mountain bike is simple. As with any trick, performing a whip on a mountain bike is not without its risks. The whip is the prelude to one-eighties and three-sixties and is a very fresh trick that will help you with timing and balance. Remember to wear your helmet, and by all means dress appropriately.

To whip on a mountain bike, you will need:

  • A helmet
  • A mountain bike
  • A ramp
  1. Approach the ramp with moderate velocity. The goal here isn’t ridiculous air. It also isn’t falling off the end of the ramp. When your front tire hits the ramp, stand up (if you are not already) and prepare for the jump.
  2. Just as you are about to exit the ramp, pull up on the handlebars. Be certain your hands are firm on the handlebars and your feet are firmly planted on your pedals.
  3. While in the air, twist your body to the left or right. The rear of the mountain bike should go in that direction. Sometimes looking in that direction behind you will help the movement.
  4. As you begin to descend, look forward. Your body should straighten out and the rear of the mountain bike should as well. Land with both hands on the handle bars and both feet firmly on the pedals. You should remain standing.
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