How To Whistle With Your Fingers

You may remember learning how to whistle with your fingers when you were younger. Or you may remember trying to whistle with your fingers, but the sound never came out the way it happened in the movies or the way that your dad did it. Even though it may have seemed hard to do when you were younger, whistling with your fingers can be simple if you take the time to learn how to do it. Like most things in life, whistling takes practice and you have to actually give it more than one go before you give up on it for another ten years.

To whistle with your fingers, you will need:

  • Fingers
  1. Make a circular shape with your mouth and practice with the air. Use your mouth to blow the air away from you. Try to get your mouth into a small, tight circle.
  2. Pick which fingers you want to use. The thumb and index finger are the two most commonly used fingers for whistling. These fingers may not be comfortable for you, so just pick which fingers work best for you.
  3. Place your two fingers together so that they touch at the tips. Place your fingers against your tongue so that your fingers are pushing a little bit upward. Place your mouth in the same circular setting that you practiced in the first step. Now blow the air through your mouth and fingers.
  4. Practice this any chance you get. The only way you can become better and perfect your whistling is to practice.

You can use these steps to teach your friends or kids how to whistle just like you!

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