How To Whitewash Furniture

Knowing how to whitewash furniture can be a fun experience that changes the look of a piece you already have. This form of paint/staining is liked because it provides color and reveals the natural grain of the wood. Whitewashing is related to various styles including the beach and antique look. Find a whitewash stain in the color of your choice and continue reading to learn this wood enhancing decorative process.

To whitewash furniture, you need:

  • Wood furniture to be stained
  • Whitewash wood stain
  • Paint brushes of various sizes
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint stir
  • A clean rag or cloth
  1. Remove old polish. Use sandpaper to remove previous finish as you perform how to whitewash furniture. Removal of the old surface will help the new stain to adhere better.  A sand block or electric sander may quicken the removal of previous color process.
  2. Wipe to dampen and remove. Wet a cloth then move over the entire sanded furniture piece. An important part of learning how to whitewash furniture includes removing sanded wood and dust. Wait until piece is dry before continuing.
  3. Apply stain. Stirring the stain before using is important in the how to whitewash furniture process. Apply the whitewash to a small area using a paint brush. Allow the stain to embed into the wood, before using a cloth to wipe away excess.
  4. Continue whitewashing. Go over the entire piece applying the stain with a brush, then remove surplus with a cloth. This two step process is important to succeed in the how to whitewash furniture task. Let furniture dry for approximately three hours.
  5. Evaluate stain finish. Look and assess if furniture needs a second coat applied. If needed, apply more stain using the brush and cloth process. Let furniture piece dry for twenty-four hours before using.

You have finished learning how to whitewash furniture with a few items and some simple steps. This process can be completed using many different whitewash colors including white. 




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