How To Widen Shoes

Need to know how to widen shoes? Ever stumble upon a fantastic pair of shoes that were available in your size, but the shoes were too narrow to wear comfortably throughout the day? Is there really a single person out there who has not passed up a gorgeous pair of shoes due to how narrow they were, especially when seeking out formal shoes? If you really love a pair of narrow shoes, all you have to do is widen them. Yes, you can have those shoes, and keep the blisters away. This solution is simple, and one that some of you probably did not even know about.

To widen shoes, you will need:

  • A wooden shoe stretcher
  • Shoe stretching spray
  1. In order to widen shoes you will need to gather the products above. The wooden shoe stretcher can be bought for regular shoes or for high heels. It is an invaluable tool for when you need to widen shoes.
  2. The next thing you will need is shoe stretching spray. Not many folks are aware of shoe stretching spray, and they think that widening a shoe is impossible. Learning to widen shoes is very easy, however, if you have both the shoe stretcher and the shoe stretching spray.
  3. Now, simply spray down your shoe with the shoe stretching spray, and then add the wooden shoe stretcher to the inside of the shoe. Stretch the shoes out with the twist crank. The spray will allow the entire stretching process to work a heck of a lot faster and more effectively at making the shoe wider. It may take a little while still, but it will work. After a few sessions with the shoe stretcher and the shoe stretching spray, your shoes will be wider, still look great and will be a lot more comfortable.

You can find shoe stretching sprays just about anywhere they sell shoe stretchers. However many people miss these small spray bottle in stores, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled; that pair of narrow shoes that you thought you could never fit into can now be yours!

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