How To Win At 3 Card Poker

To learn how to win at 3 Card Poker takes patience. There will be a lot of hands that you throw away and lose your ante. Doing this will save you from losing both your ante and an additional wager though.  When you learn how to win at three Card Poker, you will find that strategy is similar to playing Texas Holdem. That means that players that play too many hands tend to get a lot of entertainment out of it, while they last. In the end though, if you don't learn how to win at three Card Poker and fold when you should, your entertainment will not last very long.

  1. Check your three card hand for a minimum starting hand. When you learn to win at three Card Poker, you should have at least a queen, six and four in your hand to start. If none of your cards are a queen or higher, you should consider folding. Even if you have a queen, if your next highest card is lower than a six, folding should be considered. Another decision is based on your third card, if you have a queen, a six and a two, folding should be considered.
  2. Play your hand if you have an ace or king. One key rule when you learn to play three Card Poker is that you play your hand if you have an ace or king in your hand. This means you make the wager bet in addition to your ante bet.
  3. Play your hand if you have a pair or three of a kind. If you have this hand, your chances of winning are strong and a probable winner and should raise as much as permitted at the table, based on the casinos rules.  Never play a hand for less than the maximum bet when it has a strong chance of being winner when you learn to win at three Card  Poker. Hands that are a pair or higher have strong chances of winning.
  4. Play your hand if you have three cards of the same suit or three in a row forming a straight even if it's different suits. Once again, these are hands with strong chances of winning the hand. Maximize your bet.
  5. Avoid playing the bonuses offered by the casinos. Many casinos offer side bets or bonus bets. Avoid making this bets as the house advantage on them can be as high as fifteen percent.
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