How To Win An Arm Wrestle

Learning how to win an arm wrestle is a great test of your strength. You can find people from all walks of life who like to arm wrestle; anywhere from second graders arm wrestling in gym class to professionals engaging in competitive arm wrestling. Competing in arm wrestling is a fun sport where you can use your strength to beat opponents without getting overly violent. Regardless of the context in which you compete, following these steps will help you win an arm wrestling match.

  1. Increase your arm strength. You can use all the fancy techniques to arm wrestle, but if your arms are considerably weaker than your opponent's, you will not win. Do pushups to gain strength in your arms. Head to the gym and do some curls and try bench pressing. These exercises will prepare you for a strenuous arm wrestling match.
  2. Choose the right person to arm wrestle. It is best that you pick an opponent that is similar in stature to yourself to assure the competition is fair. Choose someone who has similar arm sizes both in length and thickness. Similar hand sizes also matter.
  3. Use the proper techniques. Using the proper techniques in an arm wrestling match puts the icing on the cake. You will more likely to win if you maneuver your arms and hands the right way. One good technique is to squeeze your competitor's fingers. By doing so, your competitor will lose control because his hand muscles will be disabled. Another good technique is to curve your wrist around your competitor's fist. In this position, his hand will be locked backwards. Once his hand becomes locked backwards, it will be hard for him to lift his arm upwards and gain advantage.


  • Beware that engaging in arm wrestling can place a lot of stress on your arms. It is essential that you build up your tendons so they won't give out. You can build up your tendons by stretching and engaging in strength training.
  • It is also important that you do not overtrain. Do not lift heavier weights than you can handle.
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