How To Win At Black Jack

Many people think they know how to win at black jack since it is often regarded as the only game in the casino where the house doesn't have the advantage. That's not true; the odds are still in the house's favor even with single deck black jack, but especially with the modern six deck black jack which is used to prevent card counting. It's still possibe, if you practice, to win at black jack and make money at the casino. Play smart and follow these tips and you have a much better chance of seeing your chip stack expand.

  1. Play single deck black jack. Some casinos do not even offer single deck, but most larger ones do, especially during off peak hours. Playing this game allows for easier card counting and better odds. 
  2. To know how to win at black jack, you must know basic black jack strategy. Before learning how to win at black jack, you must learn how to play black jack. Know the terminology, and when you should hit or stand. A "hit or stand" chart can be beneficial for memorization for a beginning player.
  3. Bet progressively. If you are at a five dollar minimum bet table, begin by betting five dollars. If you lose, bet ten. Since you will win about one out of every two hands, you will likely win your money back by doubling losing bets.
  4. Count cards. This is where it can get complicated. Luckily, people have been figuring out how to win at black jack for years and have developed an easy card counting method. The simplest of these is the "Hi-Lo" method.
  5. The Hi-Lo method, explained. Assign all low cards, two through six, a value of one and all high cards (tens, face cards, aces) a value of minus-one. When your value is high, it is time to bet more as you will be more likely to win; high cards benefit the player, low cards benefit the house.

Now that you have some tips on how to win at black jack, set aside a reasonable amount of money you might be willing to lose and head to the casino. Practice makes perfect; you won't be winning right away, but soon you'll have it all figured out.



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