How To Win Capoeira Fights

Knowing how to win capoeira fights is an important step in succeeding as a capoeira player. Although most rodas simply move on from one person to the next without a winner, there is generally an understanding that one individual is a better capoeira player. This guide will help you become a stronger competitor.

  1. Movement: Many beginner capoeira players do not realize the significance of movement in capoeira fights. However, moving dynamically around your opponent will definitely keep them off guard. It is best if you can learn to move in order to surprise your opponent and attack unexpectedly.
  2. Defense: Defense is integral to winning capoeira fights. Recognizing when and how you are being attacked is vital to a capoeira fight. You must be able to block and properly counterattack if you want to succeed in the roda.
  3. Advanced Movements: Being able to throw in some advanced moves can definitely help you win more capoeira fights. While not necessary, advanced moves can definitely let you build a stronger offense against your opponent.
  4. Training: While you may have strong skills, a solid capoeira player incorporates extensive training to become a better fighter. Thus, if you want to see yourself winning more, you need to incorporate daily training schedules to become a better player. From flexibility to strength, all aspects should be worked on and progressed each day.
  5. Combinations: The ability to make unique and appropriate combination of movements is integral to improving your capoeira skills. You won't want to neglect this skill, which generally comes from proper training and roda practice. It can definitely help you advance in your capoeira fights.



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