How To Win At The Casinos

Need to learn how to win at the casinos? There's the saying that the house always wins at the casinos. On the other hand, you can't win if you don't play. It is possible to win at the casinos. It's the much higher probabilities of losing that is the problem. So how do you win at the casinos? A few adjustments on your approach to gambling and a plan before your trip to the casino may hold the key to a winning visit.

  1. Protect the money you need and only bring cash you can play with. This is a must before going to the casinos with the intent to gamble. Your self-control may not be strong enough to fight against the power of the urge to win the money you've lost by using all the money you have. With all the oxygen pumping and free drinks, your willpower may not stand a chance. Be sure you have enough gas in your car to get home or other reliable transportation home. Do not bring your ATM cards.
  2. Make your trip about more than just gambling. Most casinos host a wide array of activities besides gambling. There may be a concert scheduled, a comedy show, a boxing match or other sporting event. There's also dining and shopping. Some even have nightclubs where you can drink, dance and socialize and spas where you can get a massage. Go to the casino with the mind frame of fully enjoying the experience of being there. Plan to increase your pleasure endorphins before and/or after your gambling activities with any of the above. Your trip doesn't have to be all about winning money. Having yourself a great time is another way to feel like a winner at the casinos.
  3. Have a buddy system when you play. Bringing a friend, group of friends, or partner along can make playing table games or even slot machines more enjoyable whether you win or lose. They can also be the good angel on your shoulder that helps stop you from losing a small fortune. If you have a lucky friend, definitely bring them along to have it rub off on you and take advantage of their gut feeling suggestions. They might help you win big at the casinos.
  4. Use a strategy when playing table games. When choosing a table game, notice if the dealers chip stash is high or low. If the color chips the players are playing with are relatively low in the dealers stash, that table is on a pay out streak. Hang around for a hand or two before jumping in. If it's looking good for the other players, jump in before the tide changes. When the tide seems to be changing, bow out on that table for a while or wage low. Always wage on the optional chance plays in addition to the main play, even if it's the minimum. For most table games at the casinos, this is where the really big wins lie.
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