How To Win Connect Four

Need to know how to win at Connect Four? Connect Four may look like an easy game, but honestly, it is not. There are many tricks that could be played on a person that could cause him to lose rather quickly. If you have been losing too many times or just cannot get the hang of the game, read these tips to increase your chances of winning at Connect Four.

  1. Always aim for two-way wins. Aiming for two-way wins is one of the best ways to win at Connect Four. If you create a two-way, your opponent can block you one way, but you can win automatically on your next turn. Ways to create a two-way include playing in isolated areas, either diagonally or horizontally. Note that it is impossible to create a two-way win playing vertically. So, try to lay your pieces diagonally or horizontally. Only place pieces vertically to block your opponent from winning.
  2. Try to be the first to play. The first player always has a higher chance of winning. This is due to the fact that you have one more piece on the board than your partner on his turn. Although you will not win every time you go first, you sure can increase your chances.
  3. Keep your opponent from making a two-way. Never allow your opponent to set up a two-way win. This will be an automatic win for him. Just as in tip number one, watch for diagonal and horizontal rows your opponent may have; you can stop a two-way win early if your opponent has two pieces in between the empty slots. If he has three pieces in between empty slots, he has already created a two-way win and there is nothing you can do to prevent that, unless you win before he makes his next move. If you want to win, you have to prevent this circumstance.
  4. Be very observant. Inspect the whole board before you decide to play a piece. Too many games have been lost due to careless mistakes. Lack of observation and two-way wins are the main reasons for losing in Connect Four. If you want to learn how to win in Connect Four, you have to be watchful. Be mindful of your pieces and your opponent's as well.
  5. Never make a possible win noticeable. Sometimes when we see that we are about to win at Connect Four, we will stare at the critical spot or boast to our opponents. The best way to stop your opponent from noticing is to be completely humble. If you smile or anything, your opponent may know something is up and block you.
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