How To Win At Craps In Las Vegas

Learning how to win at craps in Las Vegas can be a lot of fun when playing with a large group of people. Craps is a social game, allowing multiple people to bet on the same roll of the dice. Learning how to win at craps in Las Vegas makes it much more enjoyable, as not only are you playing with other people, but because you are winning as well. The key is avoiding the bets made to help the casino take your money at a large percentage advantage for the casino.

In order lo learn how to win at craps in Las Vegas, you'll need

  • Bankroll of at least twenty times the minimum bet at the craps table
  • Time, as you will need to remain patient and only make one or two different types of wagers
  1. Purchase chips either from the cashier or when you arrive at the table. Purchase an amount of chips that is at least twenty times the amount of the minimum bet at the craps table. This will help you survive extended runs of unlucky rolls of the dice, allowing you to realize the small house advantage over the long run instead of a large swing in the short run.
  2. Wager on the pass line as your first bet. When wagering on the pass line, this means that you are betting the roller of the dice will beat the casino. To do this, he must avoid rolling a two, three, or twelve on the first roll. He can win by rolling a seven or eleven on the first roll. If he rolls anything other than those five numbers on the first roll, that becomes his point. He wins if he rolls his point in a subsequent roll before rolling a seven
  3. Place an odds bet once the point is established. An odds bet is placed betting that the roller will roll his point number before a seven, after a point is established. To make this bet, place your chips for your odds bet directly behind the chips you placed for the pass bet.
  4. Continue making the same bets. If the roller defeats the casino, you will receive payouts on your pass bet of one to one, and your odds bet at the odds of that point being rolled before a seven is rolled. When a number such as a four or a ten is the point, the odds bet pays more chips when it wins than with a point of six or eight, but it loses more often as well. Once you win or lose, start over again with your first wager of the pass bet.

Tips: Casinos will list how many times you can bet for your odds bet. This means how many times your original pass bet you can bet on your odds bet. To maximize your return, bet the maximum amount you are able to if you have a sufficient bankroll. If you don't, betting the minimum is acceptable but you'll find as you learn how to play craps that over the long run, not betting your maximum odds bet gives the casino a larger advantage.


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