How To Win A Divorce

Things aren't going so well between you and your wife, which has left you wondering how to win a divorce. Truly, there are no winners in a divorce, but there are ways to better your chances in court. Keep your options open, be prepared to spend a hefty chunk of your kids' college fund and be patient through the process.

  1. Hire the best attorney you can afford. The first part of your strategy to win a divorce is to hire a good attorney. Attorneys don't come cheap-so be prepared to dip into your savings fund as you lay down the retainer. Remember that your attorney is the professional guiding you through family court.
  2. Save your money. When preparing to win a divorce, save your money. Divorces can be long, drawn out and ugly. Instead of putting your cash towards new toys or hot women, stash it.
  3. Know family law. You don't have to be an expert, but familiarize yourself with your state's family law code in order to win your divorce. Know what's within reason and what's not. Your attorney can suggest legal books and answer any questions you might have.
  4. Negotiate. Judges love to see couples work things out, so negotiate with your soon-to-be ex as much as possible and you might win a divorce. The more you can work out with her before the final court date, the easier the process will be.
  5. Follow your attorney's suggestions. Your attorney knows how court works, is familiar with the judges and knows how to win a divorce. Listen to what he tells you as far as handling your wife, your life and your business.
  6. When court day comes, act the part. Be conservative, polite and willing to have the best chances of winning your divorce. After it's all said and done, the truth is that you probably won't feel like a winner. Divorces are never easy, so keep the process simple and straightforward. Now that it's over, you can get on with a new life.



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