How To Win A Drag Car Race

Knowing how to win a drag car race is a concern on many hopeful racer's minds, as winning is the ultimate goal of the sport. Winning a drag car race involves combining a set of skills to work in conjunction. Practicing these skills leads to a winning edge.

Things you'll need:

  • Race car
  • Space to practice
  • Arena to compete
  1. Have the right car. Building or purchasing the proper car is the first step in winning a drag car race. Assure the car has all the specifications for the type of drag racing you are hoping to win. Equip the car with an automatic transmission. While this might surprise some racing fans, a manual transmission can actually lose power during the shifting process in a race. This slows the car significantly and possibly hurts your chance of winning a drag car race. The car needs a proper torque set-up and should be equipped with power brakes and a parking brake. Always be sure to have the proper tires for the type of track you are wanting to race on.
  2. Practice the launch. The takeoff from the starting line is a significant part of winning a drag car race. If you do not have access to an official racing track to practice, find an open parking lot or other paved area to practice. Always get permission from the owner(s) of the property. Have a friend use a red, yellow and green flag and time the dropping of the flags to drop at five second intervals. The important part is not to jump off the line early. This will dash any hopes of winning a drag car race.
  3. Incorporate techniques. Some drag racers use techniques of power braking the car to rev the engine prior to the launch. Other use a parking brake technique to hold the car in place until the green light flashes. Learn these techniques from other drivers or instructional videos to increase your chances of winning a drag car race.
  4. Get out and race. The more you actually race, the better the chance of winning a drag car race. Being in the atmosphere of race day is different than practicing on an empty track. Getting over the pre-race jitters and becoming comfortable with the the start lights improves your chances.
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