How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back

Figuring out how to win an ex girlfriend back can be tricky. Yes, it can be tricky, but It can be done. Winning an ex girlfriend back is all about tapping into her emotions. The good ones. Getting your ex girlfriend back also means being able to evaluate her current situation and breaking that down as well. Getting her back, if she's still single, will be slightly easier than winning your ex girlfriend back while she's dating some other loser. Yeah, as dirty as it sounds, you'll have to be willing to be rather manipulative to win your ex girlfriend back. If this ain't you, then go meet someone else. If you choose to take this mission, then read on.

  1. Be patient. Getting an ex girlfriend back takes great timing. The first element of that timing is a certain level of patience. When people initially break up, a whirlwind of emotions surround them. You want to give her the opportunity to calm down slightly. In order for her to do this you need to withdraw a little bit. Not too much though. You don't want to erase yourself from her life, you just want to ease up. Everybody goes through a period during a break up when they miss their former partner. This is when you strike.
  2. When she's missing you. The only way to figure out the girl is missing you is to check through the proper channels. Those channels being your mutual friends of course. Once you get the green light, its time to get started.
  3. Remind her. You have to remind her of the good times you had. Calling her and telling her over the phone just isn't going to cut it. No, you have to do it in person. Not only that, you have to give her some visuals as well as the audio to work with. Dig this. Convince her to see you. Yeah, it may not be easy, but find a way. Wear and outfit that you wore on a particularly good date with her. Make sure you wear a cologne that reminds her of a good time too. Vision and smell are very strong senses. You stroke those senses the right way, then you'll have her attention. She won't be able to help but think about the good times with you. Now, you can lay down the word play.
  4. Speak. Don't go begging for the girl to come back to you. Be a man about your business. Talk to her honestly. Talk about how you can really make things right. Make sure she takes part in this conversation. Let her voice her opinions, and address her concerns. If you've gotten this far, that means she's still got feelings lingering in her heart for you. It's just up to you to grow those hot embers to flames again.
  5. Oh, and her boyfriend. Who cares. If she's willing to meet you, and you can stroke her emotions correctly, the dude means nothing. Yeah, it sounds mean, but oh well. Alls fair in love and war right. You were there first. He wouldn't even be in the picture if it wasn't for some sort of miscommunication between you and your ex girlfriend. If, however, she's using him as a buffer so you can't get to her, just exercise more patience and persistence. If you can get her to listen, you can eventually convince her to come back. Good luck.
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