How To Win A Fight

Most people hope they never have to learn how to win a fight because they fear they don’t have the right technique. If your big mouth gets you into trouble and you need to learn how to win a fight, it never hurts to have some good advice. You may think you do not need to know how to win a fight because you can run away from any trouble, but there will be that one day where you find yourself surrounded by people that don’t appreciate your sense of humor and then you will need to know how to win a fight to avoid a beating.

  1. Strike first. If you need to know how to win a fight because the situation is unavoidable, you should get the first shot in. If you are nose to nose with someone and having a high-volume discussion, someone is getting popped anyway. Rather than wait for the other guy to smack you upside the head, you need to get that first shot in. Most people go for the face, but this can be a mistake. There is too much damage you can do when you punch someone in the face, including a shot to the temple that could kill him. Go for the gut because he will usually never see that coming.
  2. Eyes on the prize. Never take your eyes off your opponent until he goes away or the cops show up. We have all seen the movies where the guy gets the first good punch in and then celebrates by raising his arms and turning his back on his opponent. In real life, if you were to do that, the last thing you would feel is a bottle hitting you in the back of the head. Keep your eyes on your opponent and be ready to react to his next move.
  3. Take a step back. Never, ever stand over your opponent in a fight. Standing over your opponent opens up the family jewels to a direct shot and that will end your fight quickly. Stand far enough back where you can still reach your opponent to deliver another shot, but also so you can see anything coming from him. When you are learning how to win a fight, the biggest thing to remember is that it is not over until one of you gives up or is unconscious. Always assume your opponent will strike and be ready for it.
  4. Another body shot. The point is to get your opponent to quit without causing too much damage to yourself or him. You don’t want to break your fingers and you don’t want a lawsuit because of the damage you did to this guy. But if he comes at you again, let him have another one in the gut. He will be slowed from the first shot to the gut and, unless you are dealing with Chuck Norris, his gut is sensitive. Even bodybuilders are subject to the damage of a gut shot because they are not expecting it when it happens. That is the beauty of a surprise attack to the body. A second body shot will be even more effective.
  5. Finish it. If your opponent still slowly comes at you after a second body shot, finish it with a punch in the nose. Punch down or across the nose as hard as you can to inflict as much non-lethal damage as possible. If you punch up on a nose you could deliver a fatal blow and that would be bad. A good shot to the nose hurts like hell and should end the fight. If he comes back for one more and his buddies don’t stop him, give him one more shot to the nose.



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