How To Win The Final Chapter Of Stronghold 2

Stronghold 2 can be an incredibly difficult game, and how to win the final chapter of Stronghold 2 can end up being a pitfall that many gamers sink a whole lot of time into. For anybody familiar to the Stronghold series and the high level of difficulty it likes to throw at the player, the final chapter can still prove difficult due to how it forces the player to really push their managerial skills to the limit. What, you thought being a lord would be easy?

  1. The task. In order to win the final chapter of Stronghold 2, you will need to acquire 500 honor points, and 70 eels, geese, pigs, vegetables, and wine barrels. The only way you can really lose is if you die or don't accomplish any of these tasks within 60 months of game time. Getting the honor isn't too difficult, but your organizational skills will be tested as you try to get the right amount of royal food for a very kingly feast.
  2. Groundwork. The final chapter of Stronghold 2 will be a rare mission where you don't have to worry about battle, so you can remove those buildings for space. You can also get rid of the church if you wish. This is because you need room to put in a jousting arena. The jousting arena is key to getting the 500 honor points, as you can build and hold one jousting tourny every six months. This will give you a huge amount of honor points over the course of five years, and the rest will be made up as you go. Put a Lord's Kitchen down somewhere, and make sure you are maintaining between five and ten pig farms and four to six vegetable gardens on the estate. Anything you are going to need when it comes to royal food, make sure you deactivate any consumption of it. To counteract that, set regular food rations to double and taxation to normal. You should have enough gold by now to not worry about it at this late point in Stronghold 2.
  3. Remember your neighbors. Using the partners in the estates around you is also integral to beating the final chapter of Stronghold 2. Slaughterford will be the best option for wine. Delete all the apple farms except for two or so and plant five or more of both vineyards and vintner's shops. When you reach the amount of wine you need, change the production over to geese and eel as those will be the most difficult later on. Boorswell is almost useless for everything, but you should be able to fit ten or so eel ponds along the road and coast. Make sure you keep them all happy by adding hovels and hunters though. In Whitle, you will be able to set up between fifteen and twenty eel ponds, which will be huge. Build a lot of hovels to ensure you will have enough people to run it. Make sure you have enough carter ports for each item and voila! Sooner, rather than later, you will have enough to put on a Kingly feast! Just focus on keeping your people happy and everything will go fine. When you reach the time limit, you should have enough of everything to have defeated the final chapter of Stronghold 2!
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