How To Win The Final Level On Doom 3

As one of the most anticipated games of all time, the third game in the Doom series made sure to make things hard on the player–so figuring out how to win the final level in Doom 3 could still be of interest to many, many people. All of the Doom series, and certainly the final level on Doom 3, was created to be a challenging gaming experience for everybody who played it. This is probably why the entire trilogy is still remembered so fondly, for balancing difficulty and entertainment so well. The final level will certainly tax your shooter skills, but with a bit of skill and patience, you should make it through just fine.

  1. Ammu-nation. Don't worry about being stingy with your ammo in this last part of the game, there is plenty of it everywhere- guess something big might be happening soon, right? You will also benefit from unlimited adrenaline when you reach the final boss. Leading up to that boss, the level is fairly linear. Make sure to pick up all the ammo and medkits you pass on the way into the Chamber of the Hero. When you reach the ominous looking path, and you will know exactly when you do since it is ominous even by Doom 3 standards, make sure saving is your first priority–things won't be easy. Go down the path, stopping to hit the brick with the ID logo on it if you would like to pick up a PDA and continue on to the other side of the room.
  2. Hell's Mightiest Warrior. In front of you will be the enormous Cyberdemon, the baddest bad guy in Doom 3. He is gigantic, and can kill you in two ways- either blasting you with his arm cannon or stepping on you, the latter of which is almost always deadly. Sadly, all that ammo you gathered in the earlier part of Doom 3's last level won't do any good against the Cyberdemon. The only Doom 3 weapon that can damage him is the Soulcube. As the Cyberdemon's minions come out of the Hellgate to attack you (where's Buffy when you need her?) charge the Cube and unleash it's wrath on the demon four times, after the fourth time he will fall and the invasion will have been thwarted. Good job marine, you just ripped and tore your way to saving the world and defeated Doom 3! For now…
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