How To Win At The Game Corner In Pokemon Platinum

Have you been beating your head against the wall, trying in vain to figure out how to win at the game corner in Pokemon Platinum? The game corner in Pokemon Platinum always seems to have some impossible game to play, and then it taunts you with some elusive Pokemon like Porygon that you can only get with an impossible amount of coins. Sorry to tell you, but the game corner in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl is no different; you get to match wits with some pixelated casino apparatus. This is, of course, unless you have the European version, in which the game corner was mysteriously left out. But let’s assume that, since you’re inquiring about the game corner, you know that it’s located in Veilstone City. From there, here’s what you can do to score some epic coins in Pokemon Platinum:

  1. Action Replay. Seriously, getting one of these little gizmos will cause far fewer headaches when it comes to getting coins. In addition, you can add event-only Pokemon to your party, such as Darkrai, Jirachi, and Arceus.
  2. Coin Case. Maybe you want to earn the coins legitimately or you don’t want to blow $25 on an Action Replay. That’s cool. The first thing you need is the Coin Case, or else you’re not getting anything.
  3. Be social. Go around the game corner and talk to everybody there (which is about five people). You’ll get free coins from some of them. Not many, but still enough to play with the machines. Otherwise, cough up ¥1000 for a measly 50 coins.
  4. Chance. The game corner in Pokemon Platinum is like a typical casino; winning is totally up to chance. Unlike the game corner in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, there is no method to this madness. One spin costs three coins, one for each reel. If you get three of any symbol, you can get anywhere from two to 100 coins depending on the symbol, and three replay symbols will result in a free spin. Odds are, though, you won’t get three of a kind on your own, so don’t bet on winning (pun intended).
  5. Pokeballs. Keep an eye out for Pokeballs that fly onto the lower screen. Certain Pokeballs that roll out onto the game screen will result in a higher probability of getting certain reels on the machine. This ensures getting three in a row, but it’s usually useless things like three Pikachus (10 coins) or Moon Stones (15 coins); sometimes you will get a replay or free spin from a Pokeball, too.
  6. Clefairy. When Clefairy shows up out of one of these Pokeballs at random, stop the reels one at a time when it claps. Your chance of getting the important reels (sevens and Galactic symbols, which open the bonus rounds and are worth 100 coins) grows drastically when this goofy little hairball shows up and claps at you.
  7. Bonus round. If you manage to get three sevens or three Galactic symbols, you can access the bonus round in which you get fifteen spins that cost only one coin each. Just stop the reels Clefairy points at and you’ll get fifteen coins each time, no matter what. These bonus rounds may start over several times before Clefairy gets tired. Also, keep an eye on the moon above Clefairy; when it turns red, don’t push anything, as it will tire Clefairy out too quickly. Push buttons when the moon is white for better spin outcomes.

Saving up enough coins to get prizes takes a very long time and depends a lot on luck. The most expensive prize is TM68, or Giga Impact, for 20,000 coins (or ¥200,000 should you choose to buy coins). Most of the prizes at the game corner are TMs, and about half of them are useless, so save your pennies for one of the TMs that actually cause damage (unlike Substitute). Yeah, the game corner in Pokemon Platinum has some crappy prizes, so expect to spend a considerable amount of time at the game corner, playing the slots to get enough tokens for a decent reward.

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