How To Win The Hunting Contest In Final Fantasy IX

Due to its complexity, many gamers are interested in learning how to win the Hunting Contest in Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy IX is a largely sandbox game in which the player has numerous opportunities to complete optional quests and other non-story-related quests. One of these such quests is called the Festival of the hunt in which the main character, Zidane, is sent free through one of the major cities to try and defeat as many beasts as possible before the time limit runs out. He must defeat more enemies than the other participants in order to win a special prize that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. However, due to this particular item being so desirable, the game is designed so that the Hunting Contests is particularly difficult for players to win. In fact, if the player simply defeats all of the normal, common beasts in the town, there is no way that he will be able to win.

  1. The key is to defeat a single, special, rare monster that will vault Zidane to the top of the list. Here, none of the component NPCs, or non-player-characters, will be able to catch back up to him before the time runs out.
  2. This special monster is a large, boar-like beast known as the Zagnai. However, this is not a monster that just appears randomly. The Zagnai will appear only in the commercial district of the town, and will only appear when the timer reaches below four minutes.
  3. Once the four minute marker is hit, Zidane must go to the commercial district and defeat the monster before the time runs out. Otherwise there is no way he can win. However, this is not even the most difficult part.
  4. When the player arrives to fight the Zagnai, another component, Freya, arrives to assist Zidane. This makes it so only the character that scores the final blow to the Zagnai will receive the points to put them at the top of the list. The good news is the player gets to take control of Freya, so he may dictate how she does damage.

As long as the Zagnai is defeated by Zidane, there is no way that he can lose the Hunting Contest in Final Fantasy IX. 

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