How To Win At Mahjong Titans

Learn how to win at Mahjong Titans. Mahjong Titans is a computer, solo game of the original Mahjong game. Mahjong Titans looks like a fairly easy game, but it is not. You have to play the game strategically to win and clear all of the tiles off the board. There are a few techniques you could use to win the game. All it takes is a little thinking and observation.

  1. Review your possible moves. In order to win at Mahjong Titans, you would have to conclude the outcome of any possible move you may have. It is good to think ahead of time, because going for the next match you see is not going to lead you to win at Mahjong Titans. It is possible, but less likely than time-consuming planning.
  2. Pay attention to covered tiles. By observing covered tiles, you could carefully decide which match is best. Also, some tiles are hard to uncover once you pass up the chance. So, try to uncover them while you can.
  3. Review all of the tiles. Inspecting all of the tiles in Mahjong Titans would help you win the game and become familiar with them. There are usually two pairs for each tile. If you could see all two matches for a tile in your game, then you really do not have to work hard with those tiles. But if you have a tile and you only see one of them in the game, then try to uncover matches for the tile to get rid of it. Some tiles could be stumpers throughout the whole game. So, try to get rid of them as soon as possible. Also, getting rid of the tiles with buried matches may help create more possible moves.
  4. Aim for wind tiles. Going for the wind tiles is important when trying to win at Mahjong Titans. It is best to aim for those types first, because there is a limited amount of them. There is only one pair for the wind tile. Do your best to eliminate them out of your game.
  5. Try to eliminate the first two top tiers. The first two top tiers should be the first to be eliminated. Working with all four tiers (with the exception of the sole top tile) throughout the Mahjong Titans game makes it harder to win. That is because at least 30% of the tiles may be buried when there are four tiers throughout the game. So, in the beginning of Mahjong Titans, try to eliminate the first two tiers of tiles (with the exception of the sole top tile).
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