How To Win A Rock Climbing Competition

It takes a lot of practice and skill to learn how to win a rock climbing competition. Many climbers train for years before they even think about entering a climbing competition. There are competitions that cater to amateurs all the way up to advanced, depending on the amount of training will help the climber decide which skill set they should strive for in any competition.

Types of Rock Climbing Competitions

Indoor rock climbing became popular in the 1980's. Indoor gyms usually hold rock climbing competitions because the climbers don't have to worry about the weather and the gym's can create new routes using the holds they have in stock. There are many different types of competitions that are held every year in over 500 gym's around the world. The following are the types of competitions a climber can look forward to:

  • Bouldering
  • Speed Climbing
  • Red Point
  • On Sight
  • Flash
  • Sanctioned
  • Non Sanctioned
  • Local Regional
  • National
  • UIAA
  • World Cup
  • World Championship

Preparing for Competition

In order to prepare for a competition and to show up in the best shape possible, a climber should begin training up to three months in advance. Plan the training around the type of competition that will be entered and create a solid schedule.

  1. A climber who wishes to win a competition will want to be in the best shape possible and that includes changing eating habits. The climber should be on a low fat, low protein diet that is high in carbohydrates. Climbing uses a lot of calories which is why the carbohydrates are needed.
  2. Serious training is required every day up to about three days before the competition. Those last three days should focus on getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and keeping the body limber with stretching.
  3. On the day of the competition, it is important to stay focused and hydrated.
  4. A climber should complete a warm up routine before they begin climbing and should eat a high carbohydrate breakfast completely free of fat and protein.
  5. The climber also needs to be aware of the rules of the competition. A climber should find out what is considered in or out of bounds, if smearing or flagging is allowed, if a route crosses can the climber use the holds on that route and what type of movements count for points.

In order for a climber to win a climbing competition, they must be on the top of their game. Climbing has become a very competitive sport in the last thirty years. Some of the highest ranking climbers have vast experience in all fields of climbing and have been competing and challenging themselves for years. That doesn't mean that a newer climber can't win a climbing competition, it just means that the climber must be aware of all the rules and be in the best shape possible as well as knowing how the points are scored in order to win.

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