How to Win Rotisserie Fantasy Basketball

With baseball being such a popular sport, it leaves many people looking for information on how to win rotisserie fantasy basketball. Rotisserie fantasy basketball is a fun game that many people play. In a rotisserie fantasy basketball league, there are usually 8 to 14 teams. Each team is assembled at the start of the league. Usually the leagues use a draft format for all of the teams to get their players. The way scoring is kept is by ranking each team in every statistical category. Statistical categories include points, rebounds, assists, and more. It is up to the league about which statistics are used in the scoring. If there is a league that has 10 teams in it, the team that gets the most assists is rewarded 10 points all the way down to the team with the least assists getting 1 point. This is how points are given out for each statistical category.  

Now let's discuss some of the ways to win a rotisserie fantasy basketball league.

  1. It is important to draft players that can accrue numbers in each category. If steals and assists are categories that count in the league, then a point guard that gets assists and steals a lot is a great player to get for that role.
  2. If a team has a deficiency in a certain statistical category, it is important to address that early on in the league. If a team is falling behind in assists, if nothing is done early, then it will be hard to avoid getting just one point for that statistic. If the ninth best team with assists has a lead of 200 assists on the next team, it will hard for that team to overcome that deficit.  
  3. It is important to get free agents in order to find players that can contribute in certain statistical categories. If getting a guy that gets a lot of blocked shots can help your team gain some quick points, then by all means, grab that player out of free agency. Free agents are the players available because they were not drafted or signed as free agents yet. There are different free agent rules for each league. Be sure to check up on them.

While everyone is trying to win at rotisserie fantasy basketball, it is important to remember that the main objective of the game is to have fun. Obviously not every team can win, but everyone in the league should have fun with it. Remember to keep your eye on all the statistics and always look for players that can help via trades or free agency. Best of luck winning at rotisserie fantasy basketball.

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