How To Win A Squash Match

To know how to win a squash match, you have to be on your game, in good shape, and have a sense of your opponent’s skills. As with any sport, a lot of practice and conditioning is key to mastering the skills of squash. If you spend hours and hours hitting a ball and getting to know the feel of your racket, the movement of the ball, and your strengths and limitations, you’ll build a pretty good game.

  1. Good serves. The serve is the only time in the game where you have total control over the placement of the ball, unimpeded by your opponent’s shot. To win a squash match, you need to take advantage of this to hit a solid serve. Developing an “ace” is going to be tough in squash, but the best thing you can do is hit the ball so on the return bounce it comes very close to the wall, making it hard for your opponent to return it just as he would like. In addition, you should be ready to attack his service return vigorously.
  2. Master ball control. Playing in a small room, with all the walls in play, means that squash puts an emphasis on the precise angles and locations where you can place the ball. Master getting the ball exactly where you want it to go, and become an expert on knowing the bounces and ricochets that will result in certain shots. If a ball is weak coming off the wall, for example, attack it, either sending it long, across the court, or hitting a drop shot. In addition, vary up the kind of shots you hit, keeping him on his toes.
  3. Keep your feet moving. You need to anticipate where the ball is going to be to win a squash match. Because of this, you have to keep your feet moving at all times, and be very good at hitting the perfect shots while on the move. Be economical with your steps, so that you take only as many steps as you need to track down and effectively strike the ball. In addition, keep good balance and keep focused forward.
  4. Know your opponent. To win a squash match, it is important for you to have a sense of your opponents strengths and weaknesses—exploit the weaknesses and play to the strengths. If he has a weak backhand, hit balls that will come to his backhand side. If he has a strong arm and crushes overhead volleys, keep the ball low coming off the wall.
  5. Good stamina. Squash is a sport that puts a heavy emphasis on stamina, and to win a squash match sometimes you simply need to outlast your opponent. The game is played in a confined space that requires thousands of quick, short bursts of speed and energy, as opposed to a sport like basketball that requires long-term stamina. Staying in great cardiovascular shape will help you keep your energy up, chasing down balls. In addition, fending off fatigue will help you avoid getting sloppy and making dumb mistakes.
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