How To Wind A Cartier Watch

If you have the great fortune of owning high-end jewelry, you may need to know how to wind a Cartier watch. Watches from the luxury French jeweler Cartier are very elegant and stylish, but it is very important to wind them to keep them functioning properly in addition to looking great. Winding a Cartier watch causes the internal spring to tighten, and its slow natural release is what spurs the watch's internal movement and helps it maintain its accurate time keeping. Each full wind is good for about 36 hours of perfect time, but it is recommended to wind a Cartier watch daily.

  1. Take off the watch. Remove the watch and hold it in your left hand to wind it. Look for the winding crown located on the right side of the face of the watch.
  2. Turn the crown. Using your right hand, firmly grasp the winding crown of the Cartier watch and begin turning it clockwise. Continue winding it until you feel the crown suddenly resist turning. This indicates that the winding is complete. Never attempt to continue winding the watch beyond this point.
  3. Replace and repeat. You may now wear the watch and enjoy perfect time for another 36 hours, at which point you will need to repeat this process again.

Wind the watch every day at the same time. Making winding the watch part of your daily routine will ensure that you remember to do it and will also prevent too much time from lapsing between winds. For example, winding it one day in the morning and the next day in the evening could result in too large of a gap between windings and lead to less-than-perfect time keeping. Never attempt to wind a Cartier watch while wearing it. It is very easy to wind the watch too much when it is on your arm, and this could break the springs inside and in turn break the watch itself.

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