How To Windmill Breakdance

Curious about how to windmill breakdance? Crazy Legs from Rock Steady Crew is the accidental creator of windmill breakdancing. He was trying to do a chair freeze from a six step, and he kept going around on his back and created a continuos spinning move that was finally called a windmill. The windmill is considered the very first power move in breakdancing, followed by the flare. It has been always an eye-catching move whenever there is a battle circle on the dance floor. Once someone start doing a windmill during a battle, the crowd always gets hyped up and attention is always hard not to give to that person. It is an amazing but difficult move to do. By following the steps below, you will learn how to windmill and get all the attention.

  1. Safety first, as always. Make sure you are wearing the proper clothing. Wear a beanie hat or a ball cap (backwards) to prevent your forehead from getting scratched or burned from the momentum of the windmill. A nice slick shirt or jacket would be helpful to help you slide easier on the floor and gain speed. Finally, break out the Adidas and you are ready to get down.
  2. These instructions are for right-handed people, so just reverse the instructions for lefties. Start by getting on your right hand and assume the turtle freeze position, also know as the hand spin position. Get face down, right elbow on the midline of the stomach, left hand supporting, legs wide spread and try to find your balance.
  3. Push your left hand towards the right (clockwise) as your left leg swipes outward, followed by the right leg. Your right hand will collapse to your right shoulder and onto your upper back. It is very important to land on your shoulder and back instead of landing on your hips to gain momentum. This part is similar to doing a back spin but with your legs spread. Also, it is important to keep your legs wide spread to keep the momentum going.
  4. Next, as you get to the other side of your shoulder, pop back up to your hands and you will assume the turtle freeze or the hand spin position. The popping part happens quick, so you have to be able to catch yourself again going back to turtle freeze position, and the cycle repeats. Remember to swing your legs with your body.

Practice these easy steps and eventually you will be able to do it with no hands. As you gain speed, you will be able come up from your shoulders to your forehead instead of your hands and back to your shoulders again. Learning how to do a windmill is not easy, but it is very exciting once you get it. Remember, practice makes it perfect, and never forget to turn up the music and have fun!

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