How To Windsurf: Tips For Beginners

When first learning how to windsurf, use these tips for beginners. Friends, family members and frat buddies all have their own ideas for teaching the newbie the ropes.

To learn how to windsurf, you will need:

  • List of coming sailing terms
  • Metric conversion table
  • Schedule of windsurfing lessons
  • Gear catalogs

Diehard surfers frequently disagree with longtime sailing aficionados over the fine points of how to windsurf. Tips for beginners, not surprisingly, must be true to both disciplines.

  1. Learn the lingo, and get comfortable with the metric system. Instructions on how to windsurf, tips for beginners in written pamphlets and also the commands and warnings yelled across the water utilize sailing terms. Surfing terminology does not cut it in windsurfing. That being said, discussions over board parameters and sail sizes require the ability to ‘talk metric.’
  2. Sign up for lessons. Plenty of beaches offer surfing, sailing and windsurfing classes. The conscientious athlete who considers making this a lifelong hobby is better served inquiring at the local sailing school for in-depth instructions. No matter which form of training the you choose, hands-on instruction is a must.
  3. Get comfortable with the equipment. When first discovering how to windsurf, tips for beginners occasionally emphasize the importance of balancing on the board. It pays to know that there are various levels of boards; choosing the right one has to do with the wind surfer's weight. For example, a newbie weighing in at around 200 pounds should learn with a board that is roughly 80 cm wide.
  4. Pick the right size for the sail. Athlete weight and current wind strength determine the size of the sail. Generally speaking, the lighter the wind, the bigger the sail needs to be.
  5. Buy the right equipment. While learning how to windsurf, tips for beginners inevitably recommend buying used items. The newbie who only goes out for a season—and never again looks at the gear in the garage—does not stand to lose much. Even so, there are some items where buying used might set up the wind surfer for failure; the wetsuit is one example. Unless the fit is perfect, it will make the experience miserable; pay a little more and get one from a store that offers enough selection to carry one in exactly the right size.

This primer is sure to get the average landlubber off the couch and teach him the nuts and bolts of how to windsurf. Tips for beginners that deal with specific locations can only come from the experienced wind surfers at those locales; so don’t be afraid of approaching another wind surfer and asking about conditions when finally arriving.

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