How To Winterize A Jet Ski

A jet ski is a fun and exciting toy to have. When you have to store it for winter, winterizing is important. To winterize a jet ski, you are preparing it for storage in a way that, when you're ready to fire it up in the spring air, it will not give you any issues. Winterizing your jet ski is an important step in the maintenance of your machine.

  1. Drain the water. On your last ride, make sure you drain all the water from the jet ski's cooling system. A jet ski uses the ocean, lake or pond water as coolant. It is important then that you drain all water from the system. After you have it out of the water, be sure to flush the jet ski with fresh water. This is important to flush the salt, algae, sand and dirt out of the jet ski system. Follow the instructions in your owner's manual to flush the system properly.
  2. Clean it up. Take this time to clean the jet ski. To winterize a jet ski, you're going to want it cleaned up. Use a mild soap to clean the hull of the jet ski. Clean the bilge area with fresh water. Take time to wax the shell of the jet ski. Waxing the shell of the jet ski will help protect the shell and will make it look better. 
  3. Fill and lubricate the jet ski. Use a stabilizer in your fuel and fill the tank. Use oil to protect your carburetors and pistons. Check your owner's manual for best instructions. Lubricate your cabling and all rubber seals. Use a vinyl protectant for seals to prevent drying and cracking. Check owner's manual for grease points that you need to pay specific attention to.
  4. Remove your battery. It is not good to winterize a jet ski with the battery in it. Clean the outside of the battery and terminals. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion. Check and fill the cells of the battery and keep it charged. When spring comes, your battery will be ready for operation. 
  5. Storing your jet ski. Wherever you have room for your jet ski would be good. If you store it inside the house or shed, it will be safe enough. If you must store it outside, be sure not to just let it rest on the ground. Invest in a form-fitting cover for best protection. If you keep it on the trailer, remember, winter will rot the tires. It would be good to remove them and store them inside.

Winterizing a jet ski is important. When done right, your jet ski will be ready to ride in the spring. In some cases better than it was before you stored it. Take care of your toys and enjoy the water.

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