How To Winterize A Yamaha Vx110 Jet Ski

Knowing how to winterize a Yamaha Vx110 Jet Ski is a simple but important maintenance task. Proper care and maintenance of any vehicle is important and jet skis are no exception. The Yamaha Vx110 Jet Ski has a 4 stroke engine that does require a few procedures to be followed in order to properly winterize during storage. 


  1. Flush the engine and cooling system with water, using the hose connection, for 3 minutes while idling (Warning: Do not let the water run without the engine running).
  2. After 3 minutes turn off water and force the remaining water out by squeezing and releasing the throttle lever for 10 to 15 seconds. (note: do not run the engine for more than 15 seconds without water running through engine)
  3. Stop the Engine.
  4. Remove air filter cover and air filter.
  5. Spray rust inhibitor into each intake opening for 3 Seconds. This protects internal engine components such as bore linings, valve stems, etc from rust and damage.
  6. Install air filter and air filter cover.
  7. Start engine and let run at idle for 15 seconds. Lubricate all cables, etc.
  8. Fill gas tank and use gas stabilizer, drain all water in engine compartment (if any).
  9. Wash & wax, remove battery etc.

Tips: Never run the engine for more than 15 seconds with water running through the engine. Make sure to remove / drain any water from the engine after flushing. This helps prevent rust. If you use anti-freeze remember to clamp off the cooling intake line when adding anti-freeze.

Following these simple maintenance steps can save time and costly repairs when the next summer season comes around. Maintenance is always helpful for a long-lasting and well performing engine. Always check with the owner’s manual for special instructions on each unit.

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