How To Wipe Blackberry Storm

Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply start over, which is why it is good to know how to wipe your Blackberry Storm. Maybe you downloaded so much junk that the OS is choking in adware files, or maybe you stole the Blackberry from your last job and wish to remove the IT restrictions. Regardless, it is not difficult to wipe or reset your Blackberry Storm, but obviously you should backup any data files you wish to keep. There are many ways wipe your Blackberry Storm, but these ones are the easiest. To wipe Blackberry Storm, you will need:

  • A Blackberry Storm to wipe
  • A never look back attitude
  1. Super easy method. The famous Blackberry Storm is used by corporate schmucks, government spooks and everyone in between. Many of these good people are quite ignorant regarding security or privacy concerns, so the engineers put in a real easy way to wipe Blackberry Storm. All you have to do is make sure the Password setting is enabled. Do this by going to Options, Security Options, General Settings and choose Password: Enabled. Now enter a wrong password ten times in a row and your Blackberry Storm will wipe itself.
  2. Easy method. This method to wipe Blackberry Storm is like a factory reset. Simply choose Options, Security Options, General Settings, press the Menu key and select Wipe Handheld. There is an ominous warning but if you have come this far, who really cares? To wipe everything, check the box in the warning screen that says 'Include third party applications' and press Continue. Now your Blackberry Storm will demand you type in the word 'blackberry' and press Enter. Observe the progress bar and when it hits the end you are done.    
  3. Keep your junk. When you wipe your Blackberry Storm using the above method, it gives you the choice of retaining or erasing your third party apps. This allows you to keep your Facebook stuff, Yelp, Bolt or whatever fruitless time wasters you currently enjoy while pretending to be productive at work. But be warned, the third party apps are most likely the source of your Blackberry Storm misery. To retain your precious apps, use the above method, but when you get to the warning make sure you do not check the box that says 'Include third party applications' and press Enter.        
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