How To Wipe Your Ass

We would hope that you all know how to wipe your ass if you're on this website, but if not you are in luck. Learning how to wipe your ass is a fairly simple process with very few materials required.

Materials you will need to learn how to wipe your own ass:

  • Toilet paper
  • Your ass

Once you have gathered your materials and  have finished depositing your bodily waste, it is time to learn how to wipe your ass.

  1. Take some toilet paper from the roll. How much toilet paper you take will depend on how thick the toilet paper is and how messy your dump was. Clean dumps will take less toilet paper, while dumps after chili night will take a considerable amount more.
  2. Prepare the toilet paper. There are two methods you can use to prepare the toilet paper. You can either fold it neatly or crumple it up. This is purely on individual preference. Remembering to get the toilet paper is a very important step in learning how to wipe your ass.
  3. Get in wiping position. There are several different positions you can get into to wipe. The first position is the slight stand, allowing your arm to get under and reach the butt area. Another technique is the side lean, where one leg is lifted slightly so an arm can get position. It really comes down to whatever position makes wiping your ass the most comfortable for you.
  4. Commence the wiping. Wipe from the front towards the back, using some pressure to make sure you clean up all the feces. Check the toilet paper after each wipe. Once there is no evidence of feces left on the toilet paper you have finished wiping! Remember to flush when you are done. Congratulations, you now know how to wipe your ass!
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