How To Wire A Camp Ground

Learning how to wire a campground can make your overall camping experience both easier and more fun! Having electricity while you’re camping can bring a sense of home to the wilderness. No matter what your purposes are, having wiring to your campground is easy to do with a little time and patience. If you’re ready to accomplish the task, than take a look at the following list of tips to wire your campground.

To wire your campground, you’ll need the following items:

  • Generator
  • Power source
  • 30 ft. extension cord
  • Smaller extension cords
  1. Create your power source. The first step to wiring your campground is acquiring a reliable power source. Some campgrounds come with the option of an electrical outlet, but most don’t. An electric generator, that usually runs off of gasoline, is an excellent power source for your campground. The downside to some of your older generators is they can be quite loud, especially at night, so make sure that your generator is located in an area that won’t bother others while you have it in use.
  2. Get power. The next step to wiring your campground is to run an extension cord from your power source to your camping area. You need an extension cord that can withstand the elements that you’ll be camping in, long enough to reach most of the areas in your campground, and one that is reliable enough for your purposes. If you want to avoid the issue of tripping over your extension cord, you may also consider burying it in the camping area with a small shovel.
  3. Connect your extension cords. After you’ve connected your longest extension cord to your power source, run smaller, weather-proof extensions cords from your main cord to the areas in your campground where you need power at. At first glance, it may seem like you only need power in one or two areas, but it’s a smart idea to have multiple power sources in different locations. Areas to consider having a power source at are your tent or camper, picnic table or eating area, sitting areas, and near your vehicles. Other options that you can explore are hanging lights over your campground to expand its uses after dark.

Wiring your campground isn’t particularly hard, but if you get too many cords going in too many locations, you may have a real headache on your hands. Only use as many cords as you know you’ll need. You can always add more of them later. Also, if you burry any of your cords, make sure that you don’t forget them! Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy modern electricity in the great outdoors!

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