How To Wire Car Speakers To Amp

Want to know how to wire car speakers to amp? You can do it yourself, without having a car audio specialist do it for you. See how it can be done, using the simplest technique possible.


Supplies you will need:

  •  Wire stripper
  •  Audio wires
  •  Car Amplifier
  •  Car speakers
  •  Phillips screwdriver


  1. What to look for on the car amp. All car amps have what are called "channels." This is for connections to external speakers. There are some amps that have two channels and there are some that have four channels. The combination of a (-) and (+) is considered a one complete channel on an amp.
  2. What to look for on an external speaker. Car speakers have a (-) and (+) that will connect with one channel on the amplifier, once you attach the correspondent wires to both devices. Note: You will need to use a wire stripper to expose the metal tips of the ends of the audio wires.
  3. Connect audio wires from the amp to your speakers. To keep it simple, let's say you have one 12" speaker. You will need to take your audio wire and attach the red or (+) and the black (-) to the matching color code on your speaker. After you do that, connect the other end of the dual wire to the corresponding (+) and (-) on the car amp. Make sure the (+) and (-) you connect to are alongside each other, unless you are bridging the amp.
  4. Check to see if connection is good. Turn on the power from your car and see how it sounds. If the sound seems unstable, you may need to adjust the connections to get a clearer sound. There could be a wire that isn't attached all the way.





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