How to Wire A Car For Speakers

Learning how to wire a car for speakers will not only save you money but prove to be a learning experience. Many cars come pre-wired for speakers, likely you wish to change to wiring. Wiring a car for speakers that is not pre-wired is also possible and the process is generally the same. Generally no special tools are required to wire a car for speakers, the process is fairly time-consuming.

Tools possibly required:

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Hex Set
  • Pry bar
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  1. Determine speaker positioning. Determine where all the speakers will be placed. Following the standard speaker layout of two in each door panel and two in the rear is a good bet. Remember to place the speakers where you want them when wiring for speakers.
  2. Run the front speaker wire. Running the wiring for the front speakers will be the easiest. The speaker wire will only need to travel from the door panels to the radio compartment. Use any pre-existing wires to snake the wire through. Removing the door panels may be necessary to run the speaker wire. Run the speaker wire out of sight inside of door panels and under the dash or under the carpet when wiring for speakers.
  3. Run the rear speaker wire. Repeat the same process as step two for the rear speakers. Run the speaker wire down under the seating compartment. Either run the speaker wire under the carpet or along the headboard to connect it to the front of the vehicle. The exact positioning will depend on your vehicle, the goal is to hide the speaker wire when wiring for speakers.
  4. Run all the wires to the radio compartment. Ensure that all wires run to the central radio compartment in the front of vehicle. When wiring for speakers the goal is to leave the wires easily accessible for the actual installation of the speakers.

Additional Information:

  • When wiring a car for speakers remember that the speakers can be placed anywhere space permits.
  • Under the carpet, along trims and in the head compartment are good places to utilize when wiring for speakers.
  • When wiring a car for speakers avoid leaving wires exposed or in areas where they may be cut or damaged.
  • When wiring a car speakers remember to leave both ends of the wires exposed to make the actual installation easier.
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