How To Wire A Hollow Body Guitar

Wiring a hollow body of a guitar can be quite exciting. Creating something yourself gives a great sense of wonderment. When you alter a piece of musical equipment, you can call it your own. It will have your sound not anyone else. Things you will need are listed below to wire the hollow body of the guitar.

  • Wires
  • Hollow body guitar
  • Work area to create
  • switch plate metal piece
  • Drill
  • Nuts and switches


  1. Remember you need to be able to connect the wires to your amp when and as you create the wiring inside your hollow guitar. You will need an inside board to connect your wires to. Depending on the feed of your sound, will depend on the amount of holes you need to drill in the wire's support board backing.
  2. Make sure once you drill the holes you have enough wire to wire your hollow body guitar. Running out of wire will slow down your efforts of your wiring inside of your hollow guitar.
  3. Wires will need to run through the body of your guitar into a switch. You will need to make a few holes for wires and for switches. Two to three will be fine. The plate will need to be attached under the hollow body which remains inside of the guitar. You do not want any wires hanging out of the guitar.
  4. Flip switches work well and a dial switch to increase the sound and loudness you intend will be needed. Vintage ivory switches with brass fittings are pretty and work very well. EBay has them for sale from time to time.
  5. After you have assembled the guitar try the sound. The sound you create will be your own. All the famous guitarists have demonstrated their own sound from their guitars.

Taking the time to wire your own guitar will make anyone proud who hears you play it for the first time. Your own unique sound will come through after you wire your hollow body guitar.

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