How To Wire Speakers To Surround Sound Receiver

Need to know how to wire speakers to a surround sound receiver? Wiring speakers to a surround sound receiver is usually necessary in setting up a good home theater system. Using a surround sound receiver and speakers will give you the best audio experience and is a real step up from built-in TV speakers. Follow these steps to learn how to wire speakers to a surround sound receiver.

To wire speakers to a surround sound receiver, you will need:

  • Speaker wire
  • A drill
  • Audio connectors
  • A wire stripper
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire covers
  • A wire cutter
  1. Determine the location for each of the speakers in your room. You need to know what distance of speaker wire to run to the speakers. Measure the distance to a first speaker and cut a length of speaker wire of that length. It is a good idea to add some extra length, too.
  2. Splice the wire to the speaker using the wire cutter and stripper. Attach the other ends to the surround sound receiver. Make sure to use the correct output based on the location the speaker will be in the room. This should be labeled on the back of the receiver.
  3. Attach the rest of the speakers in the same way. To hide the wires, consider running them through walls and the ceiling. This doesn't make sense in all rooms, but can create a clean, professional look.
  4. Use wire covers as another option to hide the wires. These are strips that run along the wall to hide the wires. Often times they can be painted, too.
  5. Turn on the surround sound receiver and test the speakers. Run the configuration or setup utility on the receiver if one is included.
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