How To Wire TV Cable

Figuring out how to wire TV cable may take  time and effort, but the money you'll save doing it yourself will be worth it. Hiring someone else may cost you an arm and a leg. Get out the ladder and tools, follow these simple steps and in no time you will be sitting back watching your favorite cable TV shows.

What you need to wire TV cable:

  • Electric Drill
  • Cement/Wood drill bits
  • Coaxial pre-length wire (with connectors attached)
  • Splitter
  • U-shape nails
  1. How many TVs are you wiring for cable? Decide, before heading to electronic store, for parts and accessories. Where do you want to wire the cable through attic, basement or along outside of house. If house is brick you will need cement or brick drill bit to drill holes through brick.
  2. Is there already a main cable line or cable box? If so, it’s usually installed in the family room, where most TV viewing occurs. If you can’t locate it give cable company you will receive your cable through a call and find out where the main feed is located or does one need to be installed. Once that is taking care of you are ready to move on to wiring the cable.
  3. Measure the amount of cable you need for each room depending on where you are running the line. The easiest places to run the line are the basement and the attic. It can be run on the outside, of the house, but it will take more time, if it’s brick then you will have a bit of drilling to do. You want the wires to be concealed. Is this a one or two story house? Take this into consideration before running your cable wires. After getting the measurements add at least six extra feet of cable wire for each room. Give yourself some extra cable to play with encase you decide to move the TV on the other side of the room you will have enough slack to do so.
  4. Will you run cable wire from the ceiling or the floor? For example if running it from the attic you can run it inside the walls then drill a hole to feed the wire through the room where the TV is. You may need a metal detector to find the end of the wire; this may be inconvenient and difficult if you are not a professional or use what is called fish tape to lure the wires through the wall. You want the wires to be in an inconspicuous place and a easier way would be to run the cable wire down inside of a closet then drill a hole through the sheet rock and pull it through into the room.
  5. Use a three-way splitter. Some cable companies supply their own splitters to optimize the reception of their cable. If you are using a splitter attach the direct line from the main feed or cable box to the top connection of the splitter, there should be three input connections on the bottom part of the splitter to run your cable wires to each room.
  6. Type of cable wire you should purchase is the coaxial pre-length wire with the connectors already attached. The big roll of wire that has to be cut without connectors already attached are cheaper. You can cut the desire length, but it’s harder to contend with.
  7. Type of Drill bits to use for this project. If you run your line outside the house; a brick house, use approximately a three inch cement drill bit; about the size of a quarter. Hole has to be big enough to run the line through. If the wire is being run inside the house then you will need to use a three inch or bigger wood drill bit to be able to penetrate through the beams in the ceiling or floor.

Before wiring your TV cable have a plan of what direction you want to your cable wires to go and in how many rooms. Once installed use U-shape nails to attach all exposed wires either to corners of the walls, run along the bottom of the walls to conceal them and make it look professionally done.

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