How Women Masturbate

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how women masturbate. Women can please themselves in a variety of ways. They have more room for play, excuse the pun. For men, it’s simpler and sometimes boring. Learn the various ways that a woman pleases herself.

The first (and practical) way women masturbate is by rubbing, stroking, or squeezing on her clitoris. A lot of women love being touched there. After all, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of her body. Stimulating the clitoris will help their vaginas lubricate and get ready for a penis or finger to enter. Most women will orgasm just from clitoris stimulation alone. Not only is this is a practical way to masturbate, but it’s the safest way as well.

This brings us to the next way that women masturbate. Some women will prefer to use a finger inside of their vagina. If they’re successful enough, they can reach their G-spot. Women can locate their G-spot by inserting their finger into their vagina like a hook. They should be able to find a squishy area that feels like a sponge. That spongy area is their G-spot. This is the area that most women have trouble finding in order to have great orgasms. When stroked with a finger or penis, the woman will have a sensation that’s similar to wanting to urinate, which is completely normal. The G-spot orgasm they achieve is unlike any other orgasm they’ve had.

Some women will spice up their masturbation time with a few sex toys. These sex toys can include using vibrators, dildos, or beads. Vibrators are typically penis shaped sex toys that a woman uses to stimulate her clitoris. This is the most preferred way that women masturbate. It quickly helps them achieve an orgasm. Other women masturbate by using dildos, which are penis shaped sex toys. They use these toys to fantasize and emulate actual sex. Women may also use beads to help stimulate their clitoris. It’s important to wash sex toys with warm water and soap (before and after use) to prevent any vaginal infections.

Sex toys can become expensive to buy. Some women may feel it’s too risky to have a sex toy in fear that someone in the house may come across it. In that case, women masturbate with things found around the house. This could be a vibrating toothbrush, pillow, or food. This is not to say that it’s not safe and sanitary to do. Women can bring bacteria and viruses into their vagina, especially if they didn’t wash them. The person who uses the unwashed object, may also expose themselves to vaginal secretions and bacteria.

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