How To Work Your Biceps Properly

Learning how to work your biceps properly is what you need to do if you want badass guns. Biceps and pectoral muscles seem to get the most attention for men. Working out your biceps pretty much occurs with any upper body exercise. Learning to isolate your biceps however is where you will gain the biggest results. When working your biceps make sure you adhere to the fitness rules. You also want to make certain you are fit enough to engage in the exercises required to work your biceps. Consult a physician if you have any concern. This article all walk you through the steps to properly work out your biceps, which will lead to a buffer you.

What you will need for this:

  • A healthy you
  • Free weights or resistance bands
  • Room to perform
  1. Before performing any weight or strength training, you should limber up. Spend at least fifteen minutes stretching and getting your blood pumping. You can try calisthenics or if available a treadmill or stationary bike to get yourself ready.
  2. Keep yourself well hydrated before and during the process. It is also important to remember the proper breathing technique. Remember to exhale when lifting and inhale when you are releasing the weight. This will put more blood to the muscle and release the body strain when lifting.
  3. As mentioned, most all weight training of the upper body works the biceps. To better train the biceps however you want to isolate the muscle. Using resistance bands or free weights (Nautilus machines are fine too) employ the bicep curl. Do this by holding the free weight at your side and moving the weight upward towards your chest.
  4. Do not rock your body or jerk the weight upward. The motion should be fluid, if it is not use a smaller weight. Isolating the bicep is not only about weight but repetitions. To begin, employ three sets of ten reps. Over time increase the reps and the weight. Once you get accustom to the curl increase to max weight. Meaning curl as much weight as you can over a smaller repetition count, something like three set of three reps. Do these power repetitions once a week.


  • Work the curl into your normal regiment. Isolating the bicep through curls is a great way to build mass. Other weightlifting exercises will help to mold and tone the bicep as well.
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