How To Wrap A Sprained Wrist

Learn how to wrap a sprained wrist in case you ever need to know this important skill. Ouch! When you sprain your wrist from a sports injury or a fall or other mishap, the pain can be terrible. Often there is swelling and stiffness with a sprained wrist. Wrapping a sprained wrist will alleviate some of the pain and help your wrist heal faster by immobilizing your wrist. This allows the sprain to heal. There are a couple of options for wrapping a sprained wrist.

To wrap a sprained wrist, you will need:

  • An elastic wrap-type bandage
  • Medical tape or metal grips
  • A wrist splint
  1. Clean the area to be wrapped. Before wrapping the sprained wrist, be sure to wash the hand and wrist, then dry the skin thoroughly.
  2. Wrap the sprained wrist with an elastic wrap-type bandage. Start the wrap by placing the bandage around the hand. Roll the bandage up between the thumb and fingers. Pull the elastic bandage so it is slightly tight as you wrap to compress the sprain. Continue wrapping by pulling the bandage around the hand and between the thumb and hand several times. Close the wrap with medical tape or metal grips.
  3. Use a wrist splint. You can buy a wrist splint to help you wrap a sprained wrist. This is a pre-made splint that opens with a hook and loop fastener. These types of splints are helpful when you need to put the splint on by yourself because they are easy to put on and take off. Be sure to buy a wrist splint that is the right size. Ask the pharmacist to help when choosing a wrist split.
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