How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

Boxing is extremely tough on the body, that is why it is important to know how to wrap your hands for boxing. Let's face it, when you're in the ring, the last thing you are probably concerned about is bruised knuckles, but protecting your hands is important when you participate in this highly physical sport.

According to the Kickboxing Equipment organization website, "Hand Wraps are used to prevent injury on the joints and to stop irritating the skin with the sweat and the gloves." So not only are hand wraps essential for protecting your hands from serious hand injuries, but they also keep your boxing gloves from the buildup of bacteria. This bacteria can lead to some very smelly boxing gloves and dermatitis.

It is important to know that not all hand wraps are treated equally. In fact, cotton made hand wraps with good quality elastic material are perfect. This is because they allow ventilation and allow you the ability to shape your hands. It is recommended that the lengths you use be from 120" to 170" in length.

Make sure you know how to wrap your hands for boxing by having these materials and following these tips.


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How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

  1. Have your hand face down. Have your fingers elongated and out in front of you.
  2. Make sure to start with the thumb loop first. Begin wrapping your hands
  3. While you wrap your hands for boxing, make sure to keep the hand wrap from twisting. Make sure to come around the back of your hand and wrap your wrist a few times. This helps to keep your wrist steady.
  4. Make sure not to wrap your wrist overly tight. You should be able to fit an object the width of a pen in between the layers of your hand wraps. If they are too tight you won't be able to move your hands. When you have them too tight this can effect blood flow to the hands.
  5. Now bring the tape across the back of your hand and make sure to include the palm. Then bring the tape around the knuckles a couple of times.
  6. Continuing from the knuckles, bring the hand wrap from this point to the wrist. Wrap around the wrist.
  7. Follow these steps a few more times.  Make sure to keep the wraps untangled and straight.
  8. Once steps 1-7 are completed you can now move on to wrapping your fingers. Make sure you begin with the thumb.
  9. Wrap the material around your thumb. Take the wrap and go back towards the wrist and wrap it around your wrist.
  10. Do this step again before moving on to other fingers. Move from the thumb downwards including all the fingers and ending with the pinky.
  11. Complete the process with wrapping around your knuckles and taking it back towards the wrist.  Finish by wrapping your wrist and fasten the hook at the end.

Follow these tips and you will know how to wrap your hands for boxing.

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