How to Wrap Your Hands for MMA

Learning how to wrap your hands for mixed martial arts (MMA), is not a difficult undertaking but does take some practice to get the best fit and feel. Hand wrapping for MMA is used for protection of the knuckles, hand and wrist and is done properly will promote stability and shock distribution from the knuckles through the back of the shoulder. For this reason, proper hand wrapping for MMA is important. So, try the below how to wrap your hands for MMA and experiment what works best for you.

To wrap your hands for MMA,  you will need:

  • Elastic hand wrap 180” with built in loop

Now you are ready to begin:

  1. Secure the loop on the hand wrap around your thumb.
  2. Make two to four passes around your wrist.
  3. Next move up over your thumb making your thumb secure.
  4. Come up from the thumb to the knuckle making one pass.
  5. Now you will need to make a knuckle pad. This is done by looping the wrap three to four times over your knuckles (do not wrap around the knuckles, rather lay the hand wrap on top), using the thumb to hold the knuckle pad in place.
  6. Now make a pass over the knuckle pad bringing the hand wrap back down over the wrist.
  7. Move the hand wrap towards the pinky and ring finger, placing the wrap between them and then back down to the wrist.
  8. Do this between all your fingers, ensuring to keep your fingers wide (this will help keep circulation in your fingers).
  9. By now the hand wrap should be near its end, if not consider taking more layers for your knuckle pad or initial wrist wrap, place the final wrap around your wrist and secure the Velcro strap around your wrist.

Again, this is an important step in MMA preparation and will require several practice runs to find your optimal wrapping style. 

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