How To Write A Best Man Speech

The question of how to write a best man speech is something many men encounter at some point in life. When a close friend asks you to be in his wedding, it is always an honor. When your friend asks you serve as his best man, the honor comes with responsibilities. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind, from the prep to the execution.

Tools you'll need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • First readers
  • A different color pen for editing
  1. Length of speech There is no set length, but anything under ten minutes is generally appropriate. Just don’t ramble on too long.
  2. Consider the groom Write something the groom will appreciate. If he's a funny guy, you can probably get away with a lighter tone. If he's more serious, limit telling embarrassing stories about him in front of the wedding party.
  3. Preparation Decide on what you will talk about. Come up with two or three anecdotes about the groom. You can poke fun at the groom in a friendly way, but always bring it back to the couple and your heartfelt congratulations. If you know the bride well, you might want to talk about the newlyweds as a couple or tell a little story or two about her.
  4. Practice reading aloud Read the speech aloud once or twice to hear what you have written. You many want to make a few edits after that. Read the speech for a couple of friends to get the feel for reading it aloud. Decide based on this whether you feel satisfied with your speech.
  5. How to begin your toast You will probably want to begin with a few polite, general remarks. You could say that you are honored to be best man and mention how long you’ve known the groom. Then you could begin to tell one of the funny stories you prepared. As you are speaking, keep in mind that there are people of all ages in the crowd, so you should keep your remarks fairly mild. 



  • Don’t drink too much. If you're drunk before you give your speech, you may forget what you were going to say, you may slur your words, and you may behave inappropriately. This is a major social faux pas not easily lived down. Just give the speech, and then start drinking.

No matter how it goes, all will be well if you finish off with a hearty clink of glasses and a call of congratulations to the happy couple.


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