How To Write A Business Email

Learning how to write a business email is essential if you plan to keep your job or get a job. Learn the proper way of writing business email from qualified business consultants. Businesses email provides you with an efficient way to pass information within an organization.


  1. Use an appropriate salutation and formality. The first thing to know is to use an appropriate salutation, which is not too formal. An email is not as formal as a written letter, so you should use a salutation such as a simple "hello." Writing a salutation like “dear Mr. Michael” sounds too formal for a business email.
  2. Ensure that your business email is in line with the topic. You should determine the nature of the email and work to provide the necessary information. The body of the email should have a clear intent and tone, which indicates exactly what is to be done. The email should also be proofread to make sure proper grammar is used. A business email should be written in such as way that it is free flowing and creates a feeling like you are talking to the person directly and professionally.
  3. Provide your name and telephone contact number at the end of the business email. A telephone contact will enable the recipient to contact you if he needs any further clarifications on the email. Providing your name and a signature makes the business email seem more official.
  4. Remove unnecessary information while replying an email. Another tip on how to write a business email is that you should delete the contact information of the original sender and any other information that is not relevant to the recipient while forwarding or replying to a business email.
  5. Avoid sensitive information on the email. This tip on how to write a business email requires you to leave out all sensitive issues and discussions to face to face contacts. This is because sensitive information can easily get in the wrong hands or can easily be misinterpreted. 



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