How To Write A Business Profile

If a new entrepreneur has ever wondered how to write a business profile or if it's really necessary since they already have a press release ready for media outlets.  The truth is that writing a business profile is fairly easy and necessary in the promotion of any business.  The difference between a business profile and a press release is that a business profile gives factual information only.  It is not written as an editorial or announce an event taking place within a business. 

When organizing the information to be included in business profile, the writer must first determine the target audience.  Is this for the customer base, to be included with documents needed for a bank loan or to be used in a brochure, web page or other marketing tool?  Keeping this objective in mind will help with the tone of writing and how much company information is to be included.  Your information should follow this order as applicable.

  1. Business name and location – The name business is registered under and the city and state in which it operates. 
  2. Company logo and artwork – This gives a personalized touch but if submitting online, the images embedded in your document should be limited to just the logo.  Having a clear thumbnail image of company logo is best because some online templates have space for text only.
  3. Year started and legal structure – If there is a history, such as starting out as a sole proprietorship but growing into a corporation with an executive board, this may be included in no more than three sentences or short paragraph.
  4. Mission statement – Some businesses have about two to three versions of this.  Some are short like a catchy slogan and others may be a short paragraph that states the objective of business.
  5. Products/services offered – This can be a short synopsis of what the business does and who it serves.
  6. Biography – These can be brief in relation to the business itself.  Larger business may want something more formal that includes professional affiliations and charity work.  The biographies of the executive board and other key players may be included as well.
  7. Accomplishments/Other relevant information – This can include financial data, future projections notable events or campaigns the company took part in or anything that the audience may find interesting. 

Once again, this information is factual and does not include opinions from business owner.  The business profile is not the same for two different companies but it can be used as a resource for press releases and other marketing materials.  It should be saved as a document (.doc) file so that different version can be created as quickly as possible.

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