How To Write A Check

Learning how to write a check is an important part of any person's financial knowledge. Check writing is an important skill when it comes to paying bills, paying back a friend, or even paying for groceries. One of the most important things to remember when you write a check is to write clearly and legibly. Unreadable parts of a check may cause delays in processing.

  1. Fill in the date when you write a check. This line can be found at the top right hand corner of the check, under the check number. It does not matter if the date is written out numerically or with words. It is a matter of personal preference.
  2. Fill in the name of the person or company receiving the money. In the top left hand corner, the check will say who the money is coming from. There is a name, address and sometimes a phone number indicating who the payer is.  If you are filling out the check, this should be your information. Right below that information is a line to fill in the payee, or person or entity that is receiving your money. Write out the name completely and legibly.
  3. Fill in the amount of money being exchanged. A check doesn't do anyone any good if there isn't an amount clearly written  down. There are two places to fill in this information when you write a check. To the write of the payee line, there is a box. Write down numerically the amount that you are paying.  Underneath this box and the payee's name is another line. Here, you will write down the amount you are paying, but spelling out the amount. For example, if in the box you write: $43.50, on the line below, you would write forty three dollars and fifty cents. (Some people will write change as 50/100.)
  4. Sign the check. This is the only area when you write a check that does not need to be legible. Put in all that fancy writing on this line, located at the bottom right of the check. It is always a good idea to sign the check in the same way that it is written at the top. For example, if your name has a middle initial at the top of the check, use it in the signature.
  5. Fill in the memo information if needed. If there is something that you want to remember about the transaction, write it down on the memo line, to the left of the signature line. If this is the last payment due on a loan, you may want to write “final payment” in the memo area. Or, if you are making a purchase for work, you may want to indicate that on the memo line to ensure that you remember to get reimbursed. Be complete and thorough you are learning how to write a check.
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