How To Write A Christmas Card

When the holiday season comes around and you just want to spend it at home, the best way to tell people you are thinking about them, without showing up for a holiday dinner, is to write them a card, but if you want to avoid offending people you need to learn how to write a Christmas card. Christmas cards can be everything from spiritual to funny to emotional, but people tend to read your message more than they do what is printed on the card itself. When you write a Christmas card, you have to keep the recipient in mind to make sure that you send the right message. There are also a few rules of etiquette for writing a Christmas card that you should follow.

Things you will need:

  • Christmas Card
  • Pen
  1. Open the Christmas card. Read the message that is already there, to gauge the tone of your message. You don't want to write an overly serious note on a funny Christmas card, or vice versa. If you card is blank, ignore this.
  2. Address the message. At the top of the card, on the inside, write the names of the people you are sending the card to. For close, personal friends and family you can use their first name, but for anyone else use Mr., Ms. and Mrs. If you are addressing the card to a family, use the names of the parents, followed by "and family," unless you are very close, in which case you can use the children's names.
  3. Write your message. Keep the recipient in mind and adjust the message to their tastes. If you barely know the person, keep the message as informal as possible. Unless you know the person's religious denomination, keep the message as secular as possible. If you can't think of anything to write, consider using some standard Christmas verses, like "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year," or "Have a magical holiday season."
  4. Sign your name on the Christmas card. Sign it in a way that the recipient will recognize, for example, don't sign Mr. Smith in a card to your mother or aunt. If you are signing for multiple people, list them all first, with yourself last.
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